What we do
We develop and provide mastery in evolving organizations towards their full potential, becoming truly relevant, resilient and resonant.
Here’s what we do and why it could matter to you.


In Cocoon Pro we practice first-hand and continuously evolve today’s most relevant work principles and techniques. These ongoing flows of learning, together with intense and continuous field operations at the side of national and international Customers, highlight Cocoon Pro as the ideal partner for true strategic and operational evolution.


We have designed our whole service framework to provide you with sound results in boosting three vital and interdependent characteristics of your organization: relevance, resilience and resonance.

Where is your organisation today?
Where should it be tomorrow?


How to have a bearing on your stakeholders’ lives in a rapidly changing world? Surviving as an organization implies keeping your relevance. Growing it, means attracting increasing streams of resources from all of your stakeholders and, ultimately, thriving.


The rate of change is bursting. Your work scenario evolves quickly, and it impacts both your decision making and operational priority management. Resilience is, at least, the ability to adjust to the stress of these changes. At best, it is feeding on it and becoming stronger and better.


In a context of increasing complexity, the good news is that exponential dynamics are readily at hand. Instead of focusing on warfare-like strategies based on conquering and protecting, you can now tap into ecosystemic opportunities able to amplify your energies by orders of magnitude.

What we can do with you

In the evolution of your organization across the three scopes of relevance, resilience and resonance, we provide specific services in these six different areas.

What kind of activities can you expect from us?

Regardless of the service areas involved, we provide the following activities in the best mix and tailored to your unique needs. If possible, we iterate with you in subsequent interventions, amplifying the positive socio-technical effects on your organization at every new iteration together.

Large Group Interventions (LGIs)

We are fond of gathering hundreds of people to express the full power of a system, holding all the diversity dimensions that matter. We have sound experience in doing so, both in presence and digitally. And we have seen amazing results happen in just a few days.

Company Evolution

The core of our work is taking you through iterative journeys of
deep socio-technical evolution. Designing and facilitating spaces in which people can learn how to evolve their way of working and co-create their best self, is paramount for us. From a couple of hours to 3 or 4 days, digitally and/or in presence, we have a record of literally hundreds of workshops you can trust. 

Synergies with the Work Ecosystems
Retreats and Mind-Openers

Some call them events, we prefer transformative experiences, organizationally speaking. We love to create generative discontinuities for our customers, in which people see what they can’t see in the daily work, and unlock a whole different future


While change unfolds, people experience a roller-coaster. While energy is drained and the points of reference change, it is key to support teams and individuals in making sense of what is happening and in effectively focusing their efforts. Just like in sports, we are there for them to coach and support. 

Company Awareness

In domains of complexity, where the very concept of ‘expertise’ makes no sense, the role of training changes. Notions are just the entrance sign to a world in demand of new behaviors and organizational outcomes. Profound learning flows in real life, thus the courses we provide are always meant as creation-spaces that provide the orientation, understanding and motivation needed to move real steps forward and develop mastery.


How ready is your organization to unleash the potential of its people within your work ecosystem? What do your identity, trajectory and context speak about your evolutionary capability? How much more could you thrive by expanding your ways and capabilities for work, information and innovation to flow?

The tools

we will bring you

  • We work with about 40 different tools, and commit to continuous mastery development on each.
  • All the tools we use are devised to engage the wholeness of the person, rational and emotional.
  • Whatever the mix of tools we design for, our utmost attention is on the flow experience of the participants, be it live or remotely.
  • Over many years, we have seen any kind of people having fun while achieving their greatest results.


The X-Courses are meant for those decision makers who want to increase awareness on complex domains, learning about effective tools and techniques that can be applied in their own contexts.

Mastery Trails

The Mastery Trails are designed for professionals who believe that the value they bring to their clients comes through a real and profound evolution of their own skills.

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Change Playbook

We believe there is no need for yet another theory of change, and that there is no magic recipe for it. Yet, we can influence change, we can learn by and about chang-ing. In fact, we can play change.


The Evolution Flow is the art, science and craft of answering one simple and key question:

What is the next natural step of evolution that this organization can make?

We have learnt from giants and we have practiced first hand, in real-word evolutionary journeys of organizations of any size and kind. Today the Evolution Flow integrates in a coherent framework entire systems of thought.

The River Model of a human work-system is a metaphor used within the Evolution Flow discipline, showing that such a system flows in continuous change, and that the speeds of change of its different “layers” are different. Positively influencing its course, without just creating turbulence, implies respecting this fact.

By carefully introducing habits that iteratively evolve the whole system, the interdependence of these layers can be leveraged into the nurturing of three types of evolution that can happen in harmony with each other: operational evolution, behavioral evolution, psychological or epistemological evolution.

Learn more about the Evolution Flow: 

What’s the next smallest thing you should do now?

“Small moves, smartly made, can set big things in motion.”
(J. Hagel, The Power of Pull)