The Mastery Trails

Learning to be in the doing. From the basics to mastery.

Once upon a time there was training

Are you looking for training experiences that go beyond the theoretical approach and really succeed in giving you the tools you need, in a deep and long lasting way?

Classroom approaches no longer work today. Notions are just the signal to enter a world that demands new organizational behaviors and outcomes. In order to learn how to use and adapt deep knowledge, we need to go back to working side-by-side, as in the best artisan workshops of the past. 

 It is only by iteratively applying principles, tools and practices to the context and our real-world challenges that evolution happens and becomes impact.

We started from the very same quest as you.

That is why Mastery Trails were born.

Theory and practice united in a powerful flow

Created together with the best international partners, Mastery Trails are paths designed to carefully accompany you through the different stages of mastery development, going beyond theoretical knowledge alone from the very beginning and activating direct engagement with Masters in their respective fields of application.

A training that makes a difference

They are designed for professionals, whether independent or working within a specific organization, who believe that the value they bring to their clients comes through a real and profound evolution of their own skills.


Each Mastery Trail is dedicated to a specific area and consists of 4 phases. Each one of those is composed of several modules that allow you to deepen the path by touching on multiple perspectives. Mastery is achieved by completing the entire trail, but you can stop whenever you want. Each module is designed to be meaningful and valuable even when taken on its own.

Trained Practictioner

Modules in this phase enable you to understand the basics of the subject and begin practicing it.

Trained Professional

Through specific experiences and important theory complements, one begins at this stage to practice proficiently.

Master Professional

The advanced part of the course generates experience and deep knowledge, enabling you to become an influential reference on the subject.

Master Trainer of Professionals

The last stage is for those who, in addition to having developed personal mastery, want to learn how to best help other people in their learning journey.


A recognized pathway

At the end of each phase, an Open Badge will be issued to attest and make visible the achievement of the related level of competence. We chose the Open Badge ecosystem to enable each participant to obtain a trackable, verifiable and globally recognized certificate.

Discover the Mastery Trails

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Adaptive Organizing

Do you want to acquire skills to help organizations evolve?

Do you want to do it with mastery?

This Mastery Trail is for you.


Would you like to develop skills and enhance your experience in facilitation?

Then this is your opportunity to gain this experience!

Adaptive Organizing

Vuoi acquisire competenze per aiutare le organizzazioni ad evolvere? Vuoi farlo con maestria?

Questo Mastery Trail fa per te.


Vuoi acquisire competenze e maestria nell’aiutare gruppi di lavoro a performare al massimo del loro potenziale?

Questo Mastery Trail fa per te.

What you can expect


The guidance of world-class masters.


Flexibility. You decide how and when to shape your path.


Transformational experiences.


A community to continue to engage with.


Open badges that make the level of competence you achieved recognized, visible and trackable.


Hard Fun. Deep learning while having fun.