The X-Courses are meant for those who want to increase awareness on complex domains, learning about effective tools and techniques that can be applied in their own contexts.

With an experiential approach diving into the specific domain of each course, they are experiences that take you beyond the ordinary, allowing for a first step on a new journey.

  • 1 – 2 days of experiential courses to be inspired, explore ground breaking concepts and connect with other senior leaders. 
  • Way more than just learning content, the beginning of a far reaching  reflection about the future of your own company.
  • The experience with the evolution journey of tens of organizations distilled by world-class professionals to make it ready to be applied.

All X-Courses can be organized as remote workshops

We’ve always believed that digital means are a powerful way to allow people work and learn together overcoming physical distance.
As everything else, to run proper distributed workshops requires mastery and for this reason we’ve invested years in organizing, designing and facilitating remote workshops.
Now  more than ever the possibility to keep learning and sense-making together is key.
That’s why we opened all the X-Courses to digital remote workshops, providing them at half of the price.


This is an important question, since so much of the evolutionary effort in organizations relies on training.

Our answer:

In domains of complexity, where the very concept of ‘expertise’ makes no sense, the role of training changes.

Notions are just the entrance sign to a world in demand of new behaviors and organizational outcomes.

It is only by iteratively applying principles, tools and practices to your unique business context and challenges that evolution happens and becomes impact.

Profound learning flows in real life, while courses meant as creation spaces provide the orientation, understanding and motivation needed to move real steps forward.


Ultimately, any organization is unique. So is any journey.

 Get inspired.

Emergent Leadership Unleashed - Cocoon Pro X-Course

Emergent Leadership Unleashed: reaping the benefits of business agility.

Ecosight Framework - Cocoon Pro X-Course

Reloading strategy with the Ecosight framework: the exponential advantages of value at large.

Adaptive Organization Design at Work - Cocoon Pro X-Course

Adaptive Organization Design at work: Organizing for complexity and variability.

Agile Work - Cocoon Pro X-Course

Making the most out of agile work: working beyond buzzwords.

CORE2 Reputational Development for People and Organizations - Cocoon Pro X-Course

The CORE² approach for people and organizations: finding a new presence in your ecosystem.

Adaptive Organization Design at Work - Cocoon Pro X-Course

Operational reputation as a key advantage: discover and learn the CORE2 methodology.

If you want to know more about X-Courses, speak about in-house opportunities for your organization or if reading this page something resonates with you