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We are active participants in the global work evolution ecosystem, branching out to new and vital ways of working.
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There is one main reason why you might want to chose working with us: what we do really works.
Since 2011 we have been learning how to help work evolve, in its technical aspects of tools and processes, in its social aspects of people dynamics, relationships and culture. And, most importantly, in the way these two worlds evolve together.

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Since 2011, all around the world

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Adaptive Organizing


Where the Cocoon Pro journey begun.

In 2011 we started Cocoon Pro out of a big “what if”. No planning, no command-and-control, no job interviews, no budgeting, a governance system open to anybody. What if it works? What if it can unleash the full human potential at work? LiquidO was born.



The work we are doing for a truly better future.

Strategy, its terminology and its principles, they all come from warfare. We’ve found that there are powerful answers to why should businesses embrace thinking and acting ecoistically in order to thrive themselves by exponential dynamics.

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Cocoon Pro
life in Cocoon Pro is like the life of any living organism
When we Truly get Together
“All actual life is encounter”
Martin Buber

COCOONERS – Making it happen

COCOONERS is our half-yearly publication, printed out in a very limited number of (recycled-paper) copies, and released here in digital version. Read about what we are up to, who we are working with, what’s going on in our ecosystem, and much more.

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Coocoon Pro for Us

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Coocoon Pro for the World

How are we nurturing a better world of work?

We’ll never get tired of repeating it: it’s all about people

The depth and relevance of any result we bring you is an expression of who we are.
You should choose us for the values, mastery, foresight, honesty of our people.
Here we go.

And here go the only bosses in our organization: our Core Values.


We foster the creation of Value, and invest in it.


We privilege the creation of Value that affects the long period rather than just the short, many people rather than just a few, the Disadvantaged rather than the Privileged.


We believe in the regenerative work-streams that are aimed at systemically improving the quality of life and the diffusion of a culture of respect, knowledge, experience and support.


We foster the sharing of knowledge and ideas, the open participation and contamination, as optimal means towards a real global improvement in Business and in Society.


We believe that improvement towards excellence must be continuous and managed through frequent iterations, and we are against any form of waste along the process.


We adopt a lean pragmatic approach to decisions and operations, privileging short feedback loops and empirical verification of needs and assumptions against long discussion, a priori beliefs and polemic approaches.


We recognize the value of competencies and results far above titles and hierarchies. We cherish the humble and disciplined effort needed to develop mastery, the endless and emergent path of self-improvement that requires care and passion.


We commit ourselves to objectively weigh our competencies and achieved results and those of our team mates, and to act according to this evaluation in the interest of the whole group before than in the direction of our individual desire or convenience.


We commit ourselves to the principle of respect for our team mates, and specifically to sincerity, punctuality, reliability, support, pro-activity and effective communication.


We respect the peculiarities of each person, foster their expression and empower their apportion to the group’s value and results.