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Cocoon Pro is a last-generation company devoted to fostering real value creation in the world-wide work ecosystem. It’s been designed to be effective, emergent, open and adaptive in the journey of generating and scaling-up mastery. Her customers are organizations longing for deep evolution in order to stay relevant, resilient and resonant.

COCOONERS – Making it happen

Cocooners is our half-yearly publication, printed out in a very limited number of (recycled-paper) copies, and released here in digital version. Read about what we are up to, who we are working with, what’s going on in our ecosystem, and more.

Shining bright

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Enough with strategy, conquer and self-interest.

We’ve found powerful answers to why should businesses embrace thinking and acting ecoistically in order to thrive in the upcoming decade. Please, have a seat and read on.


The eXtra-ordinary Course of Business.

The X-Courses are meant for those who want to increase awareness on complex domains, learning about effective tools and techniques that can be applied in their own contexts.

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About fear, ego and eco-systems.

image courtesy of https://www.flickr.com/photos/usgeologicalsurvey/ This article was originally published on LinkedIn, on June 9th 2015 Hello world! My first post here on LinkedIn. Business as usual?…
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Why organisations will *not* be horizontal

https://www.flickr.com/photos/rowanbank/8066004236/ This article was originally published on LinkedIn, on December 1st 2015 Last week in Barcelona, while taking part to a beautiful business event organised by…
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Meet LiquidO

You might have heard of a new breed of organisational models, responding to the fast growing adaptability, engagement and collaboration needs within modern company structures.…
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Lean Change in Cocoon Projects

In 2015 we had this conversation with Jason Little, author of Lean Change Management, about a story of evolution with one of our clients.So many…
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Why Cocoon Pro

We are active participants in the global work evolution ecosystem, branching out to new and vital ways of working. 
Here’s what we believe and how we make sense by it.

What we do

We develop and provide mastery in evolving organizations towards their full potential, becoming truly relevant, resilient and resonant.


Cooking in our Labs

Cocoon Pro’s Labs are our own innovation engine.
New knowledge, mastery and even new value proposition elements are developed here.


The original liquid organisation model for governance, born from direct experience within Cocoon Pro and in use in a growing number of organisations willing to get liquid.