The CORE² approach for people and organizations: finding a new presence in your ecosystem.

Whether we are employees, professionals or organizations, who we are and what concrete value we are able to offer to our ecosystem can make a huge difference in how we resonate with others and in the expression of our full potential.

In this context, a few questions become central:

  • How can the experience we generate for others become our main growth asset?
  • How to turn strategic direction into a purpose that resonates with the people around us?
  • How to empower people to design and constantly revise their own way of working accordingly to their goals and responsibilities?
  • How to see work as a constant opportunity for people growth and fulfillment?


Facing the real depth of these questions requires an entirely new perspective rooted in the knowledge of what each of us can be and become. 

The CORE² is a powerful tool for reputation development within the work ecosystem, which can be applied both by individuals and organizations. 


Born at the intersection of positive psychology, lean principles, resonance and sociotechnical theories, its framework has been developed during years of action-research and applied by dozens of professionals from different sectors and trajectories, who wanted to build a reputation based on the concrete value they offer, attract what they need and experience a deep integrated personal and professional growth.

It bridges deep reflections on personal identity with choices on where and how to bring value into the world. By doing so, at each cycle you find yourself contemporary more aligned with who you are and changed by what you have learned, pointing in the direction of a natural evolution through the concrete expression of your potential. 

In this sense, the CORE²  can be seen as a deep evolutionary framework, built around the concept of “operational reputation”: the reputation based on the contribution made, on what has really been done and the experience generated when collaborating with others.

“The future is not inevitable. We can influence it, if we know what we want it to be.

How will you make up your mind about how you want to shape your destiny. Do you know yourself well enough?

To learn anything other than the stuff you find in books, you need to be able to experiment, to make mistakes, to accept feedback, and to try again. It doesn’t matter whether you are learning to ride a bike or starting a new career, the cycle of experiment, feedback, and new experiment is always there.”

Charles Handy

In this X-Course we’ll explore these concepts and experiment with the two canvases that underpin the process, following an alternate rhythm of direct experience, reflections and theoretical background. By doing so, by the end of the journey we will generate a first overview of what your “operational reputation” would look like taking into account your trajectory and acquire a deeper awareness on how you can apply it in your context. 


This X-Course is especially for those who:

  • Support and assist people growth and development;
  • Guide a team or an organization;
  • Want to become a point of reference, inside and outside his/her organization;
  • Try to contribute to their ecosystem by listening and answering in real time;
  • Aim to build a reputation based on the concrete value offered;
  • Want to attract what they need in order to grow;
  • Look for a method to guide their professional career.

In a nutshell

Remote workshop

This X-Course can be organized digitally with a 50% discount.

Duration: 1,5 days

Language: English, but if all participants are Italian or Spanish, it will be done in their native language.

Price: € 1.000 (VAT excluded).
If more than one person from the same organization wishes to join, we are providing a special 20% discount.

In-house opportunities: we can organise this X-Course at your organisation premises, if desired.

Upcoming Dates

Bilbao – April 2020

Barcelona – May 2020

Can’t be there?


Previously on this X-Course

“This experience changed my life and I’m gonna leave my job to embrace swinging on an ammoch in the rainy forest all day”
Richard Branson, Virgin Group CEO

“Wonderful! I will become a great Agile Coach and I will scrum everybody with the stand-up meetings, kanban boards while secretly I’ll plan everything in detail and force the team to execute my plan.”
Pope Francis I, Chiesa Cattolica CEO

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