Adaptive organization design at work: organizing for complexity and variability.

There is a growing interest in organisations that are able to cope with increasing amounts of unrelenting change, while keeping a clear strategic direction. Achieving this is not just a matter of bringing some more “agility” to the existing organisation at any scale.

In fact, it is about understanding and implementing a completely new concept of the organisation itself.


It is about putting the real system and the formal system in the right order of priorities, stop trying to fit the territory into our ideal map and telling people they have to adapt to the organisational structure as it is “designed”.

Here lies one of the most compelling revolutions we’re undergoing globally: we’re devising organisations that allow people to arrange the way they work together according to the needs of the situation and having the formal system adhere to the real one.

In any given moment, the real structure is reflected by the formal one. And this is key for the maximum expressions of our ancient capability of dealing with complexity and variability as a unique whole. Having the formal structure as a dynamic support instead of a burden in our way.

Making this possible is what Adaptive Organisation Design is all about.

Adaptive Organization Design

“Adaptability here is almost always meant for the organization: to design an adaptive organization. That is true, of course. And yet it is far from enough. “Adaptive” needs to be referred also to the other noun: design. It is very important.

I’ve met so many people looking for clear instructions on how to “craft” an adaptive organization, a sort of manual that can be followed. Truth is, the beauty of human systems is inseparable from the impossibility of doing so. Not only each human system is different from the others, but it is also different from itself in each phase of its life. Identity, context and trajectory are key concepts to be embraced and carefully considered each and every time, if we really want to master AOD. Design needs to be truly adaptive as well. We need to be adaptive as well.”

In this X-Course we’ll play with this concept, in order to deeply understand it, building it up so to be concrete and relevant to our professional lives.

Imagine having tools that enables people to envision their organizations in creative and radically new ways, allowing for the integration of rational thinking, intuition and emotions.

These are the main topics we will explore together:

  • Adaptive organizations.
  • Co-creation and the usage of full human potential.
  • Co-design processes and techniques for adaptive organisations.
  • Complex adaptive systems.
  • The evolution of human systems.
  • Organizational narratives and why they matter.
  • Strategic inclusion of unknown unknowns.
  • The usage of narratives, metaphors and brain-hand connection in design.
  • Unconscious knowledge and its usage in organisational design.


We will explore and co-learn who, why and how to involve in the design process, what an “adaptive organisation” really is, how to design for adaptiveness, how to craft and ask questions in the deep research of needs, desires and fears of the people in an organisation, how to cocreate adaptive organisations to lay foundation for their excellent execution and navigate change in real time. All in all, you will develop capabilities needed for engaging both your imagination and your intellect in approaching the setup of Adaptive Organisations with increased confidence, commitment and understanding.


This X-Course is geared for:

  • Entrepreneurs.
  • CEOs and General Managers.
  • VPs of Strategy and/or Marketing.
  • Heads of Division/Unit.
  • HR Directors.
  • R&D managers.
  • Innovation Officers.

In a nutshell

Remote workshop

This X-Course can be organized digitally with a 50% discount.

Duration: 2 days

Language: English, but if all participants are Italian or Spanish, it will be done in their native language.

Price: € 1.200 (VAT excluded).
If more than one person from the same organization wishes to join, we are providing a special 20% discount.

In-house opportunities: we can organise this X-Course at your organisation premises, if desired.

Upcoming Dates

Barcelona – May 2020

Madrid – June 2020

Can’t be there?

Previously on this X-Course

“This experience changed my life and I’m gonna leave my job to embrace swinging on an ammoch in the rainy forest all day”
Richard Branson, Virgin Group CEO

“Wonderful! I will become a great Agile Coach and I will scrum everybody with the stand-up meetings, kanban boards while secretly I’ll plan everything in detail and force the team to execute my plan.”
Pope Francis I, Chiesa Cattolica CEO

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