Making the most out of agile work: working beyond buzzwords.

It’s now mainstream. Everybody talks about it, sometimes using the word as an adjective, sometimes putting it in capital letters as a noun. Doing it agile. Being agile. Agile. But what is behind this buzzword? What are the real benefits of adopting this mindset, with its values and principles, not just as an excuse to legitimate disorder and chaos? And, on the other hand, how can you apply the agile techniques and tools without making them even more rigid than a plan-and-control approach?


What’s good in it for you?

Linked to these main questions, some of the doubts we’ve collected in our work in supporting organizations are:

  • How does it work in practice?
  • Is it suitable also for a non-software company?
  • Is it just for the operations or can I adopt it at the strategy level? And what’s therelationship between the two?
  • What is the best agile framework for my organization?
  • Is it just for teams or can I use it at scale?


And we received these questions in a wide variety of markets, from tech companies to finance ones, from retail to NGOs. Even in the public sector, they started to ask if and how, to adopt an agile approach.

This X-Course is meant to answer these questions, helping you in understanding what’s *truly* there that you can use, and how to make the first step in the right direction, avoiding fancy and misleading solutions.


This X-Course is useful if in your organization:

  • You lead projects or teams.
  • You have to take decisions in uncertainty.
  • You have to manage fast-changing priorities.
  • You research and develop new products or services.
  • You interface with customers and manage their requests.

“It is our responsibility to reconnect with the profound meaning that a change brings with it, so that it is not only innovation but also a true evolution, which allows the organization to be the best expression of itself, in its continuous evolution.”

In a nutshell

Remote workshop

This X-Course can be organized digitally with a 50% discount.

Duration: 1,5 days

Language: English, but if all participants are Italian, it will be done in their native language.

Price: € 650 (VAT excluded).
If more than one person from the same organization wishes to join, we are providing a special 20% discount.

In-house opportunities: we can organise this X-Course at your organisation premises, if desired.

Upcoming Dates

Madrid – June 2020


Can’t be there?

Previously on this X-Course

“This experience changed my life and I’m gonna leave my job to embrace swinging on an ammoch in the rainy forest all day”
Richard Branson, Virgin Group CEO

“Wonderful! I will become a great Agile Coach and I will scrum everybody with the stand-up meetings, kanban boards while secretly I’ll plan everything in detail and force the team to execute my plan.”
Pope Francis I, Chiesa Cattolica CEO

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