One game to rule them all

Why SGS?

Today, more than ever, there is a need to fully invest ourselves in the work that awaits us.

What if it were possible to harness the power of serious games in any context, and effectively use any tool at hand?

Serious games allow for this. SGS is a framework that enables the power of play as a language to express what we think and feel, even when not fully aware.

SGS is a modular and versatile framework to effectively integrate any game you may have at hand, in any situation.

It allows you to use serious games to: explore complex issues in depth, generate and focus on new options and possibilities, and make effective decisions.

At the core of SGS is H.E.A.R.T.: a cross-cutting system of five game schemas, based not on what you do but on why you do it.

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a hand placing Story Cubes dice on a table with dixit cards and lego bricks

Serious Games System (SGS): What is it, where does it come from, and who is it for?

Introduction to an adaptive paradigm for serious games.

What is serious play? And why is it so powerful in work-related contexts?

A brief exploration of ‘serious play’ and the reasons that make it an extraordinary asset for the world of work.

What is serious play for? Where is it beneficial to take it?

There is a simple and very powerful criterion to understand where playing seriously makes a difference. Let’s see it.

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The story of SGS

Serious Games System (SGS) was born from the magic encounter between Juego Serio and Cocoon Pro back in 2013 and all the years that followed spent together playing and learning from each other. 

In this context, since 2016, a group of experienced facilitators from different countries began developing a comprehensive and flexible application system, catalyzed by the ongoing experimentation of Lucio Margulis around the world. With the 2020-2021 pandemic, this workflow received a significant acceleration, in response to a clear need for a more flexible and open application version that would be closer to the needs of practitioners and participants.

Thus, the Serious Games System (SGS) methodology was born, based on many years of in-depth experience with LEGO® Serious Play® worldwide, as well as on equally extensive action-research work conducted in the use and methodological development with other serious play tools.

We believe that playing seriously is one of the most powerful ways to improve our work, our organizations, and ultimately, the world we live in. SGS serves this purpose.

What they say about SGS

It was an experiential journey into serious games. It was amazing to see how games, tools designed to play and pass the time, can be used to discover deep aspects of yourself and others, and how this breaks down barriers and allows you to talk about yourself to unknown people.

Roberto Cobianchi

Strong emotions, play and a lot of value, enriched by the exchange with a group of people of the highest level.

Giorgio Santamaura

A foundational experience for all facilitators who want to create profound experiences by helping people work on important issues and harnessing their full potential through the use of play.

Lorenzo Massacci

There is at least one possible major risk in resorting to serious play without referring to a specific methodology: getting lost in the playful part or using a tool only as a catalyst. SGS reduces this risk by providing precise and reassuring guidelines, allowing creativity to express itself within a defined and epistemologically valid framework.

Daniele Guiotto

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