Thoughts and feelings on the decade shift

Written by Cocoon Pro governance members to share perspectives on this special moment in time

April 26, 2024
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The small excerpts collected in this articles have been written by Cocoon Pro’s governance core team for Cocooners N° 10. To read the full texts, just follow the link on each small piece.

Chronological time marks the beginning of a new decade. Some will say that from 2019 to 2021 we took a deep dive, others may say it was a leap. The fact is that we went through a turning point of a decade of much learning and now we seem to be taking a breath of fresh air. We are coming back to the surface with newness.

“Coalescence of ecologies is replacing concentrated competition, polycentric structures are being sprouted in all parts of the globe, people are entraining orgs to the resonance frequencies of their ecosystems. The teacher, the doctor, the manager, each and all of us, will never be the same again. It’s the crust of freshly baked bread. It’s begun, and it can’t be unseen. These are the times, the 2020s. Deep care will be needed…” — To read the entire article by Stelio click here

This time was marked in each one of us and this reflected deeply in our being…

“When I sleep and eat well, I do physical activity, I nurture myself, I am much more capable of contributing to my family, to the organizations — teams — groups I work with. When I have clarity about who I am, what I care about, in what I believe, everything is more in harmony. States of mind are contagious and if I feel good, those around me feel good…” — To read the entire article by Claudia click here

…contributing to a more rooted and at the same time regenerated version of ourselves, after so much deep individual and collective reflection…

“People — Growth — Purpose — Care — Needs — Impact — Mastery — Passion — Responsibility — Evolution. Each (word) has a wider value.They are both what I feel as North Stars for Cocoon activities and what I personally seek in giving my contribution to my colleagues and to the organisations we work with…” — To read the entire article by Guido click here

… that are intertwined by different contexts in our professional-personal lives.

“Is it possible to become very different and, simultaneously, keep being the same? I ask myself this and I realize that although it seems illogical, the experience makes me aware that not only is this true but it is the natural consequence of growing up while remaining faithful to your own core values. […] I can also observe this growth in Cocoon Pro…” — To read the entire article by Miluska click here

Cocoon Pro’s 10th anniversary coincides with this chronological mark, even though the learning that this decade carries is timeless.

“While we can’t predict the future, we know we need to reassess our understanding of reality, surfing the flow, navigating the complexity, facing the moment as it is, being aware of what is submerged, ushering in the emerging future, always learning more, humans and nature as one in a transcontextual world…“ — To read the entire article by Inaki click here

Cocoon Pro was born from a leap or a dive into the unknown and continues to move and adapt, being and becoming.

At the beginning, it was the intuition that something different could be born. An open organization that shines thanks to the real contribution of everyone. They told us that it couldn’t be done, but that didn’t stop us, and Cocoon, day after day, became the space in which to meet incredible people, feed meaningful projects, get excited, have fun, and dance together with an entire ecosystem to build a better work future.“ — To read the entire article by Alessandra click here

In this unfolding process of evolution — of ourselves, of our organizations, in how we organize life and work — it is essential to look inside and question.

“Are you happy? Are we happy? […] Still, I believe the question is more important than the answer. […] In 2031 we could ask the same question and still not find any answer, but the fact that in 2021 we asked this makes a difference. Will you and I be happier ten years from now? What are you doing to contribute to it?“ — To read the entire article by Emanuele click here

And throughout this journey, it is paramount to remember that we are always capable of creating, imagining, regenerating and propelling.

“When confusion and collective distress urge us to shut down, or cling to ingrained expertise in search for a certified way out, I make a case for drifting with wonder as a wiser way of navigating the turbulent geography of our personal and professional lives. […] What more does the world need right now than people who cherish it and are inspired to explore it, to create the more beautiful landscapes offered by their imagination?“ — To read the entire article by Letizia click here

It’s time to get to the core of our being. How has the last decade felt to you? As creator of your own reality, how do you imagine the next one will be?

These are small excerpts from the editorials written by Cocoon Pro governance members for Cocooners n. 10. To read the full texts, just follow the link on each small piece.

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