They teach you not to shine…

What’s up by Claudia Pellicori for COCOONERS N° 12

April 26, 2024
2 min read
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This article was first published in Cocooners N° 12

“They teach you not to shine. And you, instead, must shine on”.

Pier Paolo Pasolini

I find this sentence very powerful. It reminds me of how being programmed from an early age by family, school, culture, can force us into a shape that is not really ours.

It takes courage to express all that we are, all that we have inside. It takes stubbornness to go on and smile, to believe that we deserve what we have and more. It takes discipline to give us the space to flourish.

The fear of succeeding and of shaking off the usual way of doing things, the fear of success can block our full potential, the fire that flows not only in people but among people.

Our diet isn’t just what we eat and drink. It’s conversations, books, hugs, movies, music. Paying attention to what gives us energy is the first step to really nurture our life.

We can choose to live life in the front row, or the third row. And everything changes. The wind on our face, the noise, the cold on our skin, but also the magic of the landscape and the colors we can see.

I can recognize these same patterns also in organizations. Often in the system there is all that is needed to shine, but for many crazy reasons it doesn’t happen. Opening the space of evolution with care and courage can start a new way of being, of making sense of why the organization exists and what is the final value it wants to give outside.

Sometimes what you do is only a channel to transmit something more, and only when you are ready to embrace this new vision, you are able to deliver new qualities.

Deciding to lower barriers, create transparency, believe in people, enable trust, leave free space for expression and movement is surprisingly effective and capable of responding to the challenges we experience every day.

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