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What’s up by Iñaki Pérez for COCOONERS Nº 9

April 26, 2024
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This article was first published in Cocooners Nº 9

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The world has changed. It’s changed fast and caught us all by surprise: we were not expecting it or looking for it. It just happened. What’s “normal” changes day by day, inexorably.

All our resources have gone up in smoke. Traveling, rest, holidays, getting together; it all used to be so easy. Today, each and every one of these activities is something new we have to learn. If unpredictability were already staring us in the face in many areas, it’s now burst right before us like a soap bubble.

Every day, I ask myself: how am I going to live now? There is likely no answer. It’s not like there used to be before, but we lived as if there were. There are many possibilities, and probably none of them are real. What can I do now to “get my life back”, to go on living the way I like, to keep on with the life I had that is now in shambles?

Almost everything is a matter of how you look at it, of our approach to the “problem”, of our attitude, and only one idea comes to my mind: Going back. To the why, to the principles that resonate inside me, to understand my values, to taking another look at what my then-unnoticed routine and normality were, to getting to know myself again with other tools, to take another look at myself but with different eyes. To going back to understanding myself as “us”, to again understanding myself in a relationship, a relationship that we need to be truer, more human, more aware, more real. One where I take care of myself in order to care for others and for nature and for the world, because without them, I’m nothing, I don’t exist.

Perhaps in addition to the tragedy of the lives that have been lost, we might also learn about ourselves, our relationships, about the essence of eyes that speak to us and the importance of what is profound, of what is authentic, rather than everything we’d built on top of it.

Perhaps the collateral good side of all of this, if there is one, might be this opportunity to be human?

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