Finding a new presence in your ecosystem: the CORE² methodology for people and organizations.

A methodology for personal and professional integrated development through deep interaction with your ecosystem.

April 26, 2024
7 min read
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The CORE² is a powerful method to nurture resonant growth within the work ecosystem. Its name is composed of the first two letters of the 4 quarters of the tool: COmpetencies and RElationships, and again COntribution and REsonance.

Born at the intersection of positive psychology, lean principles, resonance and systemic theories, its framework has been developed during years of action-research and used by dozens of professionals from different areas, who wanted to build a reputation based on the concrete value they offer, attract what they need and experience a deep integrated personal and professional growth.

The CORE², in fact, works like a spiral that accelerates its rhythm until you start seeing your reality through a new lens. This new perspective allows you to recognize patterns and opportunities you would not have been able to recognize otherwise.

It combines deep reflection on personal identity with choices on where and how you can bring value to the world. By doing so, at each cycle you find yourself more aligned with who you are and, at the same time, changed by what you have learned, pointing in the direction of a natural evolution through the concrete expression of your potentials.

In this sense, the CORE² can be seen as a deep evolutionary framework, built around the concept of “operational reputation”.

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How it works.

Operational reputation.

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” Jane Goodall

Operational reputation is the reputation based on what you have done and the experience you generate when you collaborate with other people. It is strictly connected to your real capabilities and to the concrete contribution that you give to your community.

How can the experience you create for others become your main growth asset? To answer this question we first have to dig into this concept and explore its key components.


“A sort of freedom comes from recognizing what is necessarily so.” Gregory Bateson

Realizing who you are and what is truly relevant to you is the first and most important step towards achieving personal and professional fulfilment. If you know who you are, you know also in which direction you want to go.

Adopting a systemic perspective, the CORE² process starts from a recognition and appreciation of the identity of a person/organization. The assumption is that, if we give adequate recognition to what is “necessarily so”, knowing what the next step needs to be will come naturally. For this reason, as the first move, you focus on the exploration of your identity.

Tools that leverage your rational and emotional parts and can handle complex issues (such as LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® or Rory’s Story Cubes) are applied in this phase, to allow you to reach a new perspective on yourself within your context.


“If you want to see, learn to act” Heinz von Foerster

A refined knowledge of who you are and what you want to achieve alone is not enough. Operational reputation bears fruit through action, through the real value you create for your community. By focusing on key learnings from action, the CORE² helps you to uncover patterns and hidden resources that might point to new opportunities for growth.

Through action, you expand your personal boundaries, what you learn becomes something you own, and the feedback you get from reality helps you discern what has created value and what should be evolved. Through action, you finally achieve resonance.


“Sync is perhaps the most pervasive drive in all of nature” Steven Strogatz

When you focus on delivering your distinctive gifts to the larger whole, you shine and you start experiencing a connection with others who resonate with you in unforeseeable ways.

Streams of work at the intersection of neuroscience, physics and biology suggest that resonance is at the heart of physical reality, defined as the tendency for different processes to move together at the same or similar frequency. Without “synchronized vibrations” inputs are ineffective, or at least much less effective, in communication.

Paying attention to how your actions resonate helps you to develop a natural sense of ecology and to foster mutually supportive connections, which are a condition for transcontextual mutual learning.

This attitude guides your actions towards what is best, not only for yourself but for the whole ecosystem you are part of. If what you do resonates with your context, you can obtain exponential results and the energy you are fostering will quickly spread through others.


“We can shape serendipity rather than waiting passively for it to occur” John Hagel

Attraction is the faculty to find resources you didn’t know to look for: not only things, but above all people and the knowledge they carry with them.

Contributing, working with other people, resonating with your context makes you recognizable for the value you are creating within your community. In this way, you generate an attraction phenomenon around you, which is the result of something you did, whether consciously or unconsciously.

The Process and Tools.

The CORE² journey is supported by two canvases that help you to visualize the key elements of your operational reputation and the progress in your growth path. On top of that, you will use many tools and techniques to facilitate the emergence of insights and the identification of objectives and needs.

After each CORE² iteration, you will obtain contextual value that you can use immediately in your personal and professional life, but the true growth is related to the connection between the focus brought by all quadrants and how they nourish and actualize each other.

Once you’ve completed your first cycle, you will find yourself starting upwards round a new spiral at a higher level, in terms of awareness and trust in your growth capability.

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The Personal Work-System Canvas.

The first step in the CORE² process is to focus on the exploration of your identity. This canvas is meant to generate an in depth, systemic, contextual picture of your personal work-system.

It is composed of nine quadrants, each one dedicated to iteratively answering nine specific questions.

The CORE² four quadrants and grid.

The CORE² is composed of four quadrants:

COMPETENCIES — The result of the synthesis of your knowledge and your experience.

RELATIONSHIPS — Your important connections, focusing on those people who are “core” for your development and have a reputational impact.

CONTRIBUTION — The value you can share and the work you can put at the service of the others.

RESONANCE — The discovery of how the value you are creating is resonating in your community.

CORE2 canvas

Between the quadrants, there are two pillar axis: the know-how axis, from Competencies to Contribution and the people axis, from Relationship to Resonance.

Every CORE² quarter is linked to a grid composed of four leading focuses: inspired by the Deming Cycle Plan-Do-Check-Act, they allow you to work with a concrete iterative approach.

These blocks are:

  • SG — Specific Goals,
  • KA — Key Activities,
  • KI — Key Indicators,
  • KL — Key Learnings.

The words “Specific” and “Key” draw your attention to the fact that you need to focus on a few important elements.

Once you’ve completed your first cycle, you will find yourself restarting a new round at a higher level of awareness and trust in your capabilities to grow and actively participate in the wider ecosystem you are part of.

Who would benefit the most from the CORE².

Even though the tool can be applied by anyone interested in developing his/her operational reputation, CORE² has proven to be more powerful for those who:

  • Support and assist people growth and development.
  • Guide a team.
  • Want to find a better business trajectory.
  • Want to take the reputational effort to an exponential value-driven level.
  • Look for an effective guidance to their professional career.
  • Need to pivot their professional path.

The most evident benefits that the application of this tool can bring are:

  • Focus your effort only on what results in valuable growth outcomes.
  • Align identity and actions, who you are and where your energy flows.
  • Learn from your ecosystem how to better contribute.
  • Listen to yourself and quickly unlearn, relearn and apply.
Women at a table working on a canvaswith pens, storycubes and postit

How to experiment with the CORE².

At present there are at least three possibilities to explore the CORE² methodology.

The Path: working on your operational reputation.

If you want to work on your professional evolution, the CORE² path is for you.

An experienced facilitator will support your journey, from diving into who you are to helping you focus your energy on what really matters.

The first and second meetings provide the foundational steps, after which the work will always rotate through three quadrants simultaneously, taking you to into the liminal space of resonant action.

The Training: becoming a facilitator.

The CORE² training is meant for those who want to learn how to facilitate the tool and support people in their evolutionary path. It’s a three-step training curriculum: Trained Practitioner, Trained Facilitator, Master Facilitator.

You can decide to stop at any of those steps, as each level is designed to provide a value on its own. Each level is in fact connected to a token that records your achievements in terms of knowledge, experience and skills.

The CORE² X-Course: explore and experiment with the tool.

If you want to increase your awareness of the methodology and understand how it can be applied in your context, this X-Course will bring you into an experiential exploration of the CORE², its diverse applications and effects.

It is a 2-day journey in which you’ll understand how the CORE² can be useful for you in relation to your trajectory and you’ll connect with others with similar needs. You’ll discover the evolution journey of dozens of real cases distilled by world-class professionals, to make it readily applicable in your context. See more info on X-Courses here.

Whether you want to use the CORE² on yourself, experiencing a deep and steady evolution, to learn how to facilitate the tool and support other people in their evolution path or simply to know more about it, contact us for more information and support!

This article is also available in Spanish and Italian.

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