March 20th — 21st: The Ohana is getting together again! 2020 Special Edition.


April 26, 2024
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We’ve been working in the evolution of work long and deep enough to know that nobody owns it. It belongs to all of us. It is our responsibility and our passion to nurture it and we can do it through our ability to coalesce, recognizing that we are a living ecosystem. For this reason, since March 2018 we are offering the Ohana Meetup as an enabler for this to happen. An ecosystem enabler open to the whole tribe of professionals, game-changers, change agents, passionate people evolving the world (of work).

The third edition will happen at the dawn of a new decade and it is unmissable! Here is why. After a long period of deep crisis in many realms — starting in the economic, into the biosphere, through politics and, eventually, onto awareness, consciousness and identity — a new era of Transition is in full unfolding. What if we realize we are a tribe that is actually changing the world? The Twenty-Twenties are almost here and the time is now. This is the moment to make different choices, to embrace who we truly want to be, to coalesce in the redefinition of the principles that drive how we actualise ourselves in the world.


Join the whole Ohana in sharing knowledge, ideas, projects and values. We’re expecting some real energy and truly powerful conversations. It will be a 2 days journey.

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The first day we’re going to open the space, get to know each other and what we’re up to. The second day we will dive into the core of the revolution, holding the space, nurturing the ecosystem and challenging each other with a few co-selected provocations. We’ll rely on Open Space Technology for this to happen while co-learning and coalescing. Then, at the end of the second day, we are getting ready to welcome the Twenty-Twenties dancing together. A party, yes! We are throwing a huge party with the whole ohana. Don’t miss this one!

Your passion and experience is the only thing you need to bring with you. Of course, invite also all the people that you think should be there.


It will happen on 20–21 March 2020.

The city will be chosen according to the origin of the participants! Understanding as soon as possible who will rock the party will allow us to announce the city before Xmas 2019.

Sales end on December 16th: grab your ticket here.


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