Nov 26 and 27: Join the world-wide decade shift exploration in #theCC21


April 26, 2024
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A new decade has just begun. How is work changing? How have we been changed? What is awaiting us? In 2019 we understood that in order for organizations to survive in the coming decade, and for our civilization to thrive in this era of Transition, new choices needed to come, as well as new practices and new possible futures. 2020 only made this feeling stronger. And it also changed everything.

The new edition #theCC21 is now here for this.


Two years after the first edition of The Choice Conference we are inviting you to join The Choice Conference 2021: a world-wide polycentric event online (Nov 26), and a live sense-making and learning in Milan (Italy — Nov 27).

Come if you want to:

  • Explore the multiple streams of disruption at play in the current decade shift, to understand their implications.
  • Make-sense together through real-life stories and cases, to sense what is emerging and understand what we want to do about it.
  • Learn about approaches, practices and tools to support you in the path you’ll choose to walk with your organization, in your unique journey within this shared landscape.


November 26

Take part in a “local Beat”! Check out the local events organized all around the globe to generate a co-created all-embracing music! See the Beats Map and contact a Local Beat to find out more 👉

November 27

Come to Milan (Italy) to reflect and learn with us about pragmatic ways of navigating this decade shift, to be applied in real-life contexts. We are preparing all that is needed to spend an unforgettable and safe afternoon in presence with you.

We’ll project the premiere of the short movie “HAPPEN” on the decade shift, by Cocoon Pro (more on this below). And we’ll present the results of the broad narrative that has emerged from the Beat events from all around the world.

With all of this in our hearts and brains, sleeves up and off we go for the workshops:

  • Workshop 1: Organizing for variability and uncertainty w/ Stelio Verzera
    Learn about overcoming the rigidity of last-century bureaucratic organizational design, and balancing adaptivity and stability in this new decade.
  • Workshop 2: The crucial art and practice of work Facilitation w/ Emanuele Rapisarda and Alessandra Cianchettini
    Learn about the emerging and crucial role of the Facilitator in enabling any organization to navigate complexity through human potential.

Grab your ticket for the whole event of the 27th in Milan:


In the heartfelt spirit of wanting to contribute to the conversation too, and, since 2021 is Cocoon Pro’s 10th anniversary, we have made an effort to reflect on what the last ten years have meant for us and what challenges and opportunities are manifesting at the horizon of this new decade. That’s how the short movie HAPPEN was born.

It speaks about the decade shift we are all navigating together in the world of work, and on November 27th at 15:30 CET — we will present it with a world premiere within #theCC21.

If you want to join it and enjoy it LIVE together with all the people connected in that moment, go to this link

Then, click on the button “Set Reminder” to receive a notification when the Première is about to start.


Visit the website of The Choice Conference for more info and updates on two days and see the video of the previous edition:

If you want to know more about this project or about the short movie HAPPEN, please get in touch, here:

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