Mistakes are the essence of learning. When we make new experiences…

What’s up by Guido Martini for COCOONERS N° 7

April 26, 2024
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This article was first published in Cocooners N° 7

Mistakes are the essence of learning. When we make new experiences and acquire competences, we inevitably make mistakes.

As a father to a 12 year-old daughter who loves to experiment and be autonomous in what she does, I always try to teach her that failure is part of the process and that If you face new challenges, inevitably, you will make some mistakes, but these are learning opportunities and not something one should try to avoid.

As a designer, I try to have the same mindset when working on my projects.
In a design-driven culture you should learn from both success and failure and build on what you have learnt. Accepting that failure will sometimes occur in difficult environments can help you manage uncertainty. Rather than failures, these situations can be considered as opportunities to grow.

However, in my experience, many companies and organizations are biased towards failure and do not make enough effort to deal with it. Often, they are not designed to manage, allow, and learn from failure. If you want to innovate and strive for excellence you should be comfortable with the idea of failure, as it can be an engine for growth and innovation.

Of course, I’m not saying that failure is by itself a good thing. Obviously, failing is not always helpful, and sometimes it should be avoided at all costs, but if you embrace learning, you will become less afraid of making mistakes, and you will be able to open up to innovation opportunities.

Therefore, as a designer I try to foster this culture, a culture where organizations can become safe learning environments, where learning from failure is responsibly embraced.

This article was first published in Cocooners N° 7

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