Is it possible to become very different and, simultaneously, keep being the same?

What’s up by Miluska Ojeda for COCOONERS N° 10

April 26, 2024
1 min read
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This article was first published in Cocooners N° 10

Is it possible to become very different and, simultaneously, keep being the same?

I ask myself this and I realize that although it seems illogical, the experience makes me aware that not only this is true but it is the natural consequence of growing up while remaining faithful to your own core values.

I can observe it on my personal path with CORE² methodology where after almost 3 years, I have a very different perspective from the beginning, and things that I initially wanted to change about myself, because I considered them to be flaws or weak points, today I see them just as personal peculiarities that I have learned to observe, listen, embrace and often use it for my own benefit or to have a positive impact for the others.

I can also observe this growth in Cocoon Pro. Ten years later, we are made of different people, languages, countries, activities, dynamics and at the same time our core values are always there to act as a compass. Let’s keep dancing!

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