I’m not what it is supposed I am…

What’s up by Iñaki Pérez for COCOONERS N° 14

April 26, 2024
2 min read
in the front a man smiling, in the back a woman smiling and a text written "become you"

This article was first published in Cocooners N° 14

I’m complex — a complex human being. Like all of us. So please don’t give me a badge with an adjective. I’m not only “talent”, even though I can have some brilliant moments; I’m not only a “toxic” person (whatever that it means), even though sometimes I’m not helping you or I have my biases and you cannot understand me. I’m not your “vitamin” person, even though I can help you and/or accompany you in some areas of your life. I’m not what you need to believe I am… and yes, I am as well.

I’m everything and I’m nothing you think. Anyway I’m all of that too. Please do not bias me. Let me have my moments, let me grow and be what I’m not now, let me sometimes be “toxic” (whatever that means): I deserve it and it is part of my humanity and my nature, too. In nature there are some “toxic” beings, and they deserve to live, just like everything else.

Please do not constrain me to your mental structures. I do not fit in them, that’s for sure. I’m not good or bad: I have all the human power for good and for bad, to be like I am now, and to be what I want to be tomorrow.

Please, do not label me for your books or your conferences. I’m complex and I live and work in a complex world. Please don’t simplify my world: people (we) deserve to not be lumped into one category.

I’m my own leader, not you. You can be my boss, a good or a bad boss, you choose. You can be my mate, a good or a bad mate, you choose. Leadership is in me, in our working together, never in the things that you “allow” or “foster” me or us to do. Not even all your Leadership courses can do that, I’m sorry. You don’t have that individual power, my friend; it’s our collective power, not yours alone.

Anyway, I’d love to walk this path with you, for us to learn from each other, and to know more about each other, in order to create a better world (whatever that it means) together.

Shall we?