How you organize your company, or your team, matters. As much as…

What’s up by Stelio Verzera for COCOONERS N°9

April 26, 2024
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This article was first published in Cocooners N°9

How you organize your company, or your team, matters. As much as how you put your child to sleep or wake her up, how you choose and prepare your food, how you deal with the garbage you produce, and pretty much everything else you do in the world. Each and all of these things have a complex impact around you at many levels, and they all emerge from the relationship between how you see yourself and the world.

The ado that has been growing in the last years about better ways of organizing carries a lot of value, and at the same time is highly polluted by an old worldview, one that has been developing for centuries in the Western world, around ego, competition, reductionism and an understanding of life based on separation. So, instead of boxes in an org-chart now I see many circular and oval shapes, I hear fairly new names for structures like circles, guilds or micro-enterprises, at the side of team, division, matrix and all the already well known ones. Still the focus is too often on the superficial level of structure.

Life generates structure as an emergent expression of deep dynamics, and so do human systems. Pushing new fancy stuff onto your organization will not change the outcomes if that is not emerging from your system itself, through the ripening of a different world-view. People will just find a way to keep holding on to their natural expression within the new descriptions. On the other hand, when this deep epistemological shift happens and naturally produces different fruits in how you work, then yes — how you organize really matters. It now actualizes your new evolutionary power into the broader world.

Let’s make a vital point, then. The rise of a better society is not about organizing. It is about being in the world with deep care and humility. It is about learning to listen and to see in resonance with life. Thus, to act. Better organizing is just one of the needed consequences.


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