Bilbao, October 7–8. Join the EODF Conference 2022 “Designing in today’s world: Effective Agility at Work”


September 26, 2022
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EODF conference 2022 Designing in today’s world: Effective Agility at Work

It was 2013 when Cocoon Pro met the EODF at the conference that was held in Vienna and since then has built a close bond with the entire community and key people, first and foremost, Paul Tolchinsky. In 2015, Cocoon organized the annual conference in Milan and started taking part in the Board. Today, as country lead in Italy and Spain, it continues to create valuable connections between the world of OD and the Mediterranean area.

The EODF Conference is a creation space where it is possible to converse with amazing people, passionate organization designers, from many countries and to build with them a new meaning.

EODF Conference 2015
EODF Conference 2015


Now, more than ever, faced with the complexity of life, everyone – also companies – wants to be able to adapt quickly, to deliver fast and to learn even faster. Many are still applying the perspective of a world designed to be linear and stable to a context that is in constant change and, precisely because of that, demands other ways of intentionally thinking and being.

How can we manage and use this ever new context?

In the #EODF22 you will get to know the interesting story of the Mondragon ecosystem, experience diverse conversations through a mix of keynote speakers and open space technology around the topic of the conference, a party with the participants, participate in a pre conference event to learn about journey of EODF’s new Operating Model and much more.


The conference will be hosted by Mondragon corporation, the world’s largest network of worker-owner co-operative, and we have the honor to know more on their unique reality, on their thought-provoking way of being.

  • WHEN: October 7–8 (Pre conference on Oct 6)
  • WHERE: Bilbao, Spain

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We hope to meet you there!

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