Emergent Knowledge Management

Big-Data Made Wisdom

December 19, 2023
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Written by Neodata for COCOONERS N.14

This article was first published in COCOONERS N.14 by Neodata, one of the most committed organisations when it comes to emergent knowledge management, enabling organisations to create value and continuously evolve.

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Neodata is a technology company focused on two core competencies: big-data and artificial intelligence.

Data (from internal sources or the public web) contains a lot of key information about how a company operates, what can be improved, and gives it fuel in defining its strategy. So, the focus now is on artificial intelligence, which enables the company to extract value from its business. This is our claim.

One of the key areas where we apply our expertise is what we call emergent knowledge management.

What is Emergent Knowledge Management

Knowledge management (KM) means identifying, organizing, storing, and disseminating information within an organization.

Knowledge is extracted from data that are not just numbers but mostly text. We are talking about the natural language of documents, web pages or social media posts.

In recent months, together with Cocoon Pro, we have specialized our work on a specific aspect of knowledge, emergent knowledge. It means that it is not defined by someone but it is the unpredictable result of something that arises from a kind of collective intelligence. It is generated by nonlinear interactions between companies, universities, institutions, innovators, influencers, the public, the developer community, a startup on the other side of the world, or something else.

There are dozens of use cases and ideas that we have developed based on this framework. Cocoon Pro is very focused on human organizations within the workplace and how they evolve, so it was natural and exciting for us to focus together on emerging knowledge management. Key points of this research were to understand who needs knowledge to do their daily tasks and who benefits from it to lead an organization.

How Emergent Knowledge Management helps daily work?

The employee of a large company (but also a simple freelancer working alone) relies on the ongoing work of others and the information available to increase productivity and the ability to innovate. Achieving this in a complex work environment means having a way to answer — and a solution to — a range of questions: are other teams working on similar topics? How can the (temporary) results of their work be effectively shared with other teams? Who are the leading subject matter experts (in the company)? What are the opportunities and needs in the company’s learning process?

An emergent knowledge platform solves all these problems at once by preventing key documents from remaining in the database under dust. It creates connections and identifies patterns within that key asset (a treasure trove!), which is the sum of the knowledge of every mind within the company.

Pushing it with alerts and intelligent user experience is crucial: people do not have to query the system, it is the knowledge that goes to the people, solving their unknowns. Artificial intelligence will consider people’s interests and information needs, based on different criteria and continuous learning.

How Emergent Knowledge Management helps leaders in organizations

Volatility for each decision-maker is certain in today’s scenario. Despite this environment, it is necessary to have the best information available, from stakeholders on the latest trends and opportunities, from competitors on emerging possibilities for synergies with business partners.

A lot of information is on the Web. But it is too much for humans. And too much to identify correlations even with what is happening within the company itself.

A knowledge platform allows the leaders to receive all this information, with the effect to enable an evolution of strategy of the company according to directions that do not derive from an explicit pre-established plan, but based on what emerges from the sum of the actions of individuals, BUs, market, competition, projects and teams. Strategic decisions will be based and driven by data, by reality and not hypothesis.

What to expect from the collaboration between Neodata and Cocoon Pro

When a combination happens between two different but complementary companies, many interesting ideas and results can come about.

Cocoon Pro has a fantastic ability to analyse and identify how knowledge management can be a boost for a company and how it can be introduced into internal processes.

Neodata has the technical ability to build software architectures, algorithms, and artificial intelligence models to collect, extract, combine, and serve knowledge to organizational members.

Now more than ever, whether it is explicit, implicit or even tacit knowledge, its evolution always depends on the quality of information available and the ability of people to process it effectively. The goal of Cocoon Pro and Neodata’s work is to maximize within organizations the effectiveness of matching people with the right information, in real-time.

At this point, knowledge can truly be applied to navigating the emerging and rapidly changing reality. Thus, knowledge becomes wisdom to drive business.

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