Could we fall in love with doubt?

What’s up by Stelio Verzera for COCOONERS N° 11

April 26, 2024
2 min read
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This article was first published in Cocooners N° 11

Could we fall in love with doubt? Many feel we are living in dark times, despair creeps in as things get worse and collective sorrow rises. Others feel relieved, finally welcoming the crumbling of an obsolete and unsustainable way of relating with life on Earth. Often, these feelings coexist, together with the many others sprouting from the uniqueness of each person’s inner soil. Uncertainty becomes unbearable, to the point of denial for some of us — a desperate attempt to hold the grip on stability and certainty, at any cost.

Yet, doubt is a precious resource, one that we need to nurture. Our relationship with the liminality of doubt should be treasured. Respect, humility, care, are all born right there. What if we open-up to the reality of life as a huge, boundless and sacred whole, complex way beyond our understanding. What if we fall in love with not-knowing, with doubt?

We are literally living through an unprecedented crossroads for our civilization. New questions are arising, along with new implications for our responses to the old ones. Cheap answers are no longer an option. No more plan-and-control. No more models and theories to solve our problems. No more externalities, selling, conquering, recruiting, certifying, strategy-making. No more cultural and economic colonialism. Enough with all of that. It needs to come undone.

These times call for humility, care, respect. They call for the beauty of heartfelt and meaningful gestures. For the beauty of patient and loving care, of presence, of being, way over knowing. A beauty to fall in love with. And it is happening already, the world over. The time has come. Let’s just let go. Let’s make doubt our treasure — let’s allow it to regenerate our inner soil.

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