Around 1950 Guy Debord coined the term dérive…

What’s up by Letizia Piangerelli for COCOONERS N° 10

April 26, 2024
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This article was first published in Cocooners N° 10

Around 1950 Guy Debord coined the term dérive — drift — to describe the process of getting lost with the only purpose of experiencing reality anew. Triggering our often sedated sense of wonder, this kind of drifting invites us to abandon any plan and, fueled with childlike amazement, re-imagine a place beyond the filter of established maps.

When confusion and collective distress urge us to shut down, or cling to ingrained expertise in search for a certified way out, I make a case for drifting with wonder as a wiser way of navigating the turbulent geography of our personal and professional lives. It can make us vulnerable yes, but it’s also where our gut-based knowing and whole body intelligence are trained and rehearsed. A seedbed for imaginative acts, where mindful decisions and love for life can sprout.

What more does the world need right now than people who cherish it and are inspired to explore it, to create the more beautiful landscapes offered by their imagination?

This is the kind of practice one is exposed to also by being part of Cocoon Pro, from many perspectives. For which, I’m grateful.

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