Facilitation Primer

The basics of facilitation experienced first-hand and in practice.

An experience by Stelio Verzera and Claudia Pellicori

14th - 15th of September

Barcelona (English)
Milan (Italian)

  • 750 € + VAT: First 3 tickets only!
  • 850 € + VAT: Early Bird tickets (until  Aug 14)
  • 950 € + VAT: Full Price tickets

Milano, 14-15 settembre 2023

Euro 700 + IVA

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Cliccando su “Iscriviti” riceverai un’email con tutte le info per effettuare il pagamento e gli aggiornamenti sui Mastery Trail.

What you will learn

Basic facilitation techniques that you can immediately use in your context.

How to deal with complex and difficult dynamics by transforming them into group advantage.

Recognize your strengths and what you need to work on to be a good facilitator.

The module in short

Facilitation requires a coexistence of technical and human aspects.

In this step of the Mastery Trail in facilitation you can test yourself on both aspects. This forms the basis for every facilitator to be able to recognise all the critical aspects of this work.

Through challenges of increasing complexity we will put  the basics of this discipline in order, and you will take home some simple but pervasive facilitation techniques, as well as feedback on your facilitation style and your ability to move within the group.

For this reason, the facilitation primer is suitable both for those who are approaching facilitation for the first time and for those who already have experience and want to find space to practice the fundamentals.

This will be done through work cycles in which practice will always precede theory, giving you the opportunity to express yourself and experiment, as well as learn. Following one of the principles of all Mastery Trails, these will be two days of hard fun: we will have a lot of fun, but we assure you that at the end of the two days you will also be tested by the amount of stimuli that – together – we will be able to share!

Key topics

What do those who have already done it say?


Stelio Verzera


Since 1995, Stelio has been supporting organizations in adapting to the evolutions of their ecosystems and technology. Already involved in lean management and open collaboration, during his entrepreneurial journey, he himself needed truly lean, adaptable, and resilient organizational methods. However, at that time, there was very little available. During the crisis of 2009-2010, the structural and cultural rigidity that characterized most organizations did not provide valid answers or any concrete support.

From this need, Stelio began his journey to generate a global practice of adaptive organization design, collaborating with pioneers from around the world. In 2012, he created the LiquidO organizational framework for adaptive governance, which was later recognized by Gary Hamel’s Management Innovation Exchange in New York. During the same years, together with the co-founders of Cocoon Pro, he established the first fully emergent organization in Europe while actively contributing to the European Organization Design Forum (EODF). In 2015, Stelio held the world’s first Adaptive Organization Design Masterclass in Milan, together with Paul Tolchinsky and Stu Winby, two of the foremost living pioneers in organizational design and systemic change.

Since then, Stelio has worked on creating a path to mastery in this new discipline, drawing on decades of experience passed down to him by giants from various sectors and dozens of pioneers like him who have experimented in many ways and different contexts over the past decade. He has written the Adaptive Organization Design Manifesto, become the curator of the Mastery Trail on the subject offered by Cocoon Pro, and continues to live the reality of a highly adaptive organization within Cocoon Pro itself, as well as alongside many clients who are aware of the importance of this transition.

Claudia Pellicori

Claudia Pellicori

Development Coach and Growth Facilitator

Claudia brings organizations and professionals onto their evolution path, helping them to recognize the strengths that make them unique and thus develop new growth opportunities. In particular, she works for innovating their way of conversing, collaborating and co-creating, starting from their own identity, a fundamental awareness to know in which direction to go.

Claudia has applied these capabilities in a very wide variety of contexts, small and large companies, startups and associations, national and international initiatives.

Of the many tools she uses, she prefers those that are able to bring out what people really think and feel, as seeing people blossom is one of her greatest sources of energy.  

In 2011 Claudia co-founded Cocoon Pro, the first fully emerging organization in Europe, helping to test and validate the LiquidO ™ organizational framework (http://liquidorganisation.info/) for adaptive governance.

She believes in continuous personal and professional improvement and in the constant research for enriching experiences.

A recognized pathway

Trained Practitioner

Modules in this phase enable you to understand the basics of the subject and begin practicing it.

Trained Facilitator

Through specific experiences and important theory complements, one begins at this stage to practice proficiently.

Master Facilitator

The advanced part of the course generates experience and deep knowledge, enabling you to become an influential reference on the subject.

Master Trainer of Facilitators

The last stage is for those who, in addition to having developed personal mastery, want to learn how to best help other people in their learning journey.


At the end of each phase, an Open Badge will be issued to attest and make visible the achievement of the related level of competence. We chose the Open Badge ecosystem to enable each participant to obtain a trackable, verifiable and globally recognized certificate.

If you have any questions, please write an email to mastery@cocoon-pro.com 

14th – 15th of September – Barcelona (EN) or Milan (IT)

        • 750 € + VAT:  First 3 tickets only!
        • 850 € + VAT: Early Bird (until 14 agosto)
        • 950 € + VAT: Full Price


12-13 maggio 2023

€700,00 +IVA

Cliccando su “Iscriviti” riceverai un’email con tutte le info per effettuare il pagamento e gli aggiornamenti sui Mastery Trail.


14-15 settembre 2023

Cliccando su “Iscriviti” riceverai un’email con tutte le info per effettuare il pagamento e gli aggiornamenti sui Mastery Trail.

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