Mastery Trail, learning to be in the act

The art and practice of facilitation

Do you want to acquire skills and mastery in helping work groups perform at their best?

Facilitation is the role that enables teams and organizations to achieve their goals through optimal experiences.

The 4 chapters of the trail

The Mastery Trail consists of experiences that lead participants through 4 successive chapters with increasing levels of mastery, guiding them from basic awareness to full mastery of the subject.

Trained Practictioner

Modules in this phase enable you to understand the basics of the subject and begin practicing it.

  • Doing facilitation and being a facilitator: let’s start from here!
  • The art and practice of facilitation
  • Facilitation: What is it? Really.

Trained Facilitator

Through specific experiences and important theory complements, one begins at this stage to practice proficiently.

Master Facilitator

The advanced part of the course generates experience and deep knowledge, enabling you to become an influential reference on the subject.

  • Advanced facilitation
  • Digital tools for remote facilitation
  • Facilitation for decision making
  • Self-awareness and mental centering – advanced module
  • Facilitation for large groups
  • Co-facilitation
  • Advanced facilitation techniques

Master Trainer of Facilitators

The last stage is for those who, in addition to having developed personal mastery, want to learn how to best help other people in their learning journey.

  • Co-facilitation in at least 2 Facilitation Primers
  • T3 camp in Facilitation
  • Assistance in an Advanced Facilitation module
  • Individual preparation together with a Master Trainer

Now available
Trained Facilitator

Facilitation Primer

14th - 15th of September
Milan (Italian)

The basics of facilitation experienced first-hand and in practice

An experience by Emanuele Rapisarda, Alessandra Cianchettini and Letizia Piangerelli

Workshop Design Primer

27th of October
Online (Italian)

Learn how to design workshops and learning sessions to allow participants to have optimal and effective experiences

An experience by Emanuele Rapisarda

Organizing, designing and facilitating effective distributed workshops

17th of November
Online (Italian)

How to increase the performance and value of online experiences

An experience by Emanuele Rapisarda, Alessandra Cianchettini e Letizia Piangerelli

The power of centering oneself

1st of December
Milan (Italian)

Grounding in the body, recognizing one's center, allowing the facilitator self to emerge and nurture it, even before taking action

An experience by Cristiano Siri

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