Engaging the Whole System in Change

Unleashing the Magic in Organizations

An experience by Paul Tolchinsky and Stelio Verzera

Whole Scale Change


21st – 22nd March 2023

€ 1200 + VAT (if due)

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What you will learn

Worldwide-proven tools for engaging whole systems in real change.

How to design interventions that bring a critical mass to supporting what needs to be done.

How do become a more powerful force in the changes you find yourself.

The module in short

Two days immersed in bringing to life the power and possibility of engaging a whole system in the changes that confront them, in real-time. During these two days, you will hear and apply principles, frameworks, and simple elegant tools to bring about the changes you seek, faster, and with amazing energy and support.

Highly interactive and hands-on. Bring the change(s) you are currently working on and we will re-imagine them for greater alignment and support. 

Using cases (yours and the trainers’), videos and your own imagination, we will explore the power of bringing diverse communities of stakeholders together to make change happen, faster, cheaper, and more powerfully.

Adaptive organizing Whole scale change

Key topics

Cosa dice chi l'ha già fatto?

What do those who have already done it say?


Paul Tolchinsky

Dr. Tolchinsky has been consulting to major public and private corporations around the world for the past thirty-five years.  He has extensive experience in creating and implementing business strategy; managing and facilitating large system change efforts; new plant design and entrepreneurial start-ups; and redesigning and restructuring organizations (both public and private). 

Paul’s expertise is in the design of organizations, applying socio-technical principles and Whole-Scale™ Change Approaches to the process of change in organizations. 

He is internationally known as a pioneer in the development of Whole-Scale (Whole System) Approaches to change and the founder of the European Organization Design Forum, a pan-european community of organization design practitioners. 

Stelio Verzera

Since 1995, Stelio has been supporting organizations in adapting to the evolutions of their ecosystems and technology. In 2012, Stelio’s journey began in generating a worldwide design discipline of adaptive organizing, as he devised the LiquidO organizational framework for adaptive governance, later awarded by Gary Hamel’s Managemnt Innovation Exchange in NYC. In those same years, with the other co-founders of Cocoon Pro, he gave life to the first completely emergent organization in Europe, while also contributing as an active part in the direction of the European Organization Design Forum (EODF). 

Over almost three decades of experience, Stelio has learned how to evolve work in real-life contexts from giants in different areas of practice, and with dozens of other pioneers experimenting in many contexts the world over.

Among other things, Stelio is the author of the Adaptive Organization Design Manifesto and the curator of the Mastery Trail on the topic offered by Cocoon Pro, and has been living the reality of a highly adaptive organization within Cocoon Pro itself since 2011, as well as at the side of a variety of customers aware of the importance of the deep transition towards ecosystemic work.


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A recognized pathway

Modules in this phase enable you to understand the basics of the subject and begin practicing it.

Through specific experiences and important theory complements, one begins at this stage to practice proficiently.

The advanced part of the course generates experience and deep knowledge, enabling you to become an influential reference on the subject.

The last stage is for those who, in addition to having developed personal mastery, want to learn how to best help other people in their learning journey.


At the end of each phase, an Open Badge will be issued to attest and make visible the achievement of the related level of competence. We chose the Open Badge ecosystem to enable each participant to obtain a trackable, verifiable and globally recognized certificate.

If you have any questions, please write an email to mastery@cocoon-pro.com 

Rome 21st – 22nd March 2023


21st – 22nd March 2023

€ 1200 + VAT (if due)

By clicking on ‘Sign up’ you will receive an email with all the payment info and updates on the “Adaptive Organizing” Mastery Trail.

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Join them on the
22nd of February at 4pm CET!

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