Adaptive Organizing Foundation Training

The fundamentals of designing and developing adaptive organizations

An experience by Stelio Verzera

Organisation Design Foundations

20 - 21 of Feb. 2025

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What you will learn

How to approach an organizational evolution project for adaptability

How to design and manage project iterations until the generation of the new organizational setup

How to ensure stability and the ability to continue evolving with the new organizational setup

The module in short

In this course, we will roll up our sleeves and work on the concept of adaptive organization, aiming to deeply understand it in a way that is concrete and relevant to our professional lives.

We will provide ourselves with practical tools backed by a solid scientific and experimental foundation, enabling individuals to envision their organizations in radically new ways. This integration of rational thinking, intuition, and emotions will form an organic and deeply shared construct.

We will explore who, why, and how to engage in the design process, how to design for adaptability, and how to create and pose questions in the deep exploration of people’s needs, desires, and fears within an organization. Ultimately, we will learn how to co-create adaptive organizations that function in the real world and how to address the change they require.

The course itself is designed with these purposes in mind, serving as a concrete springboard to initiate a professional practice of designing and developing next-generation organizations in line with the possibilities and demands of today’s times.

Key topics

What do those who have already done it say?


Stelio Verzera

Facilitatore ed evolution coach

Stelio has been supporting organizations in adapting to the changes in their ecosystems and technology since 1995. Even back then, when he was already involved in lean management and open collaboration, during his entrepreneurial journey, he himself needed organizational methods that were truly agile, adaptable, and resilient. However, at that time, there were very few options available. During the crisis of 2009-2010, the structural and cultural rigidity that characterized most organizations did not provide viable solutions or any concrete support.

It was from this need that Stelio began his journey to create a global practice of designing adaptive organizations, collaborating with pioneers from around the world. In 2012, he developed the LiquidO organizational framework for adaptive governance, which was later recognized and awarded by Gary Hamel’s Management Innovation Exchange in New York. During the same years, along with the co-founders of Cocoon Pro, he created the first fully emergent organization in Europe, while also actively contributing to the European Organization Design Forum (EODF). In 2015, Stelio conducted the world’s first Masterclass in Adaptive Organization Design in Milan, together with Paul Tolchinsky and Stu Winby, two of the foremost living pioneers in organizational design and systemic change.

Since then, Stelio has worked on developing a path to mastery in this new discipline, drawing from decades of experience passed down to him by giants from various sectors and dozens of pioneers like him who have experimented in various ways and contexts over the past decade. He has written the Adaptive Organization Design Manifesto, become the curator of the Mastery Trail on the subject offered by Cocoon Pro, and continues to experience the reality of a highly adaptive organization within Cocoon Pro itself, as well as alongside many clients who understand the importance of this transition on a daily basis.

A recognized pathway

Trained Practitioner

Modules in this phase enable you to understand the basics of the subject and begin practicing it.

Trained Facilitator

Through specific experiences and important theory complements, one begins at this stage to practice proficiently.

Master Facilitator

The advanced part of the course generates experience and deep knowledge, enabling you to become an influential reference on the subject.

Master Trainer of Facilitators

The last stage is for those who, in addition to having developed personal mastery, want to learn how to best help other people in their learning journey.


At the end of each phase, an Open Badge will be issued to attest and make visible the achievement of the related level of competence. We chose the Open Badge ecosystem to enable each participant to obtain a trackable, verifiable and globally recognized certificate.

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20/21 of February 2025 | Milan

Early bird: EUR 870 + VAT (First 3 tickets)

Full Price: EUR 1200 + VAT


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