Meet LiquidO

You might have heard of a new breed of organisational models, responding to the fast growing adaptability, engagement and collaboration needs within modern company structures. Or you might have simply experienced the sound problems of slowness, rigidity, bureaucracy, disengagement along with various kinds of waste and bottlenecks that “traditional” organisational models generate and suffer nowadays. […]

Designing Your Company for Change: Liquid Organizations with Stelio Verzera

In this chat with Dawna Jones and the Stoos Sparks community (Business Innovation Idea Exchange for the Creative Economy) we explored LiquidO, the framework for governance Cocoon has developed to respond to the fast-moving changes in the business environment. It was the end of 2014 and, after three years of experiments and work, we explained […]

Lean Change in Cocoon Projects

In 2015 we had this conversation with Jason Little, author of Lean Change Management, about a story of evolution with one of our clients.So many things have changed since that moment and a few years have passed, but it could still be interesting for many people to understand how Cocoon works and how your organization […]

Merging beyond boundaries. Any boundaries.

Some Data16 Days of work, 5 Facilitators, 40 Participants. We are proud to share with you the story of two excellent IT companies in Italy that decided to merge. This story will show you an example of extraordinarily high openness, inclusiveness and agility where all inner and outer boundaries faded letting the new and the […]

The Ohana is gathering. Again!

The Ohana Meetup is an ecosystem enabler. It is our contribution to the whole tribe of professionals, game-changers, change agents, passionate people evolving the world (of work).Here is a brief story about it. A few months have passed since we wrote our first story on Mozaic. On March 24th 2018, surrounded by an incredible amount of energy, […]

CORE², a powerful tool for the lean reputation development

The CORE² is a powerful tool for the lean reputation development of your personal growth path in the work ecosystem through contribution and resonance and by operational reputation. Today the traditional concept of work is changing rapidly and our relation with it is evolving as well.Our job perspectives, career concept, time and freedom ideas have […]

I wish you resistance to change

Puoi leggere questo articolo in italiano qui. There is one thing that seems to be the revelation of this century. It is the awareness that “The only thing that is constant is change”. This phrase is the result of the new millennium and the continuous changes we are experiencing in these years. Right?Wrong.This is a phrase […]