Un essere vivo || Una storia di Cocoon Projects con Leroy Merlin

“I negozi sono esseri vivi, quindi adesso siamo nella nascita di un essere vivo”Juan Carulla — Direttore regionale Leroy Merlin Queste parole sono l’immagine più intima del senso di ciò che sentiamo di aver contribuito a fare in questo progetto: supportare una nascita. Nei primi mesi del 2019 abbiamo seguito l’apertura di un nuovo negozio Leroy Merlin Italia lavorando […]

Rome to Milan, Oct 28 — Nov 2: Organisation Design Week

Rome to Milan, Oct 28 — Nov 2: Organisation Design Week COME MEET US. WORK WITH US. WILL YOU BE THERE? WHY SHOULD YOU BE THERE?Seize the rare opportunity to know and learn from Paul Tolchinsky, one of the founders of the European Organisation Design Forum, with over 35 years of expertise in organisation design and applying socio-technical and […]

Milano, 29 settembre: Meetup LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® con Lucio Margulis

COME MEET US. WORK WITH US. WILL YOU BE THERE? ESPERIENZE A CONFRONTO Il metodo LSP è uno strumento potente, affascinante e ormai largamente diffuso in Italia. Per chi non ne avesse mai sentito parlare, in breve, il metodo LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® aiuta a far emergere quello che le persone pensano, sentono e non sanno di sapere […]

Madrid, Oct 18th-20th: The Choice Conference

COME MEET US. WORK WITH US. WILL YOU BE THERE? THE ROLE OF BUSINESS CHOICES IN SHAPING A BETTER FUTURE We are living in a time of unprecedented challenges: disruptive technologies, societal institutions collapse, climate crisis and biodiversity decline are just some of the key factors at play, and their convergence will have deep systemic impact on […]

Rome, Sept 17th: What is well-being in a Changing World?

COME MEET US. WORK WITH US. WILL YOU BE THERE? Humanity is facing an unprecedented sense of pressure. It is clear in many different contexts and it is so strong that nobody can ignore it anymore. Social and political crisis, climate change, migration flows, technological challenges, energy needs, ethical questions. All of this is our reality […]

About fear, ego and eco-systems.

image courtesy of https://www.flickr.com/photos/usgeologicalsurvey/ This article was originally published on LinkedIn, on June 9th 2015 Hello world! My first post here on LinkedIn. Business as usual? Nah! Let’s get straight to the point. I’d like your feedback on something I really care about. There’s a perspective on my work I had not noticed yet. In the last few […]

Why organisations will *not* be horizontal

https://www.flickr.com/photos/rowanbank/8066004236/ This article was originally published on LinkedIn, on December 1st 2015 Last week in Barcelona, while taking part to a beautiful business event organised by my friends Simone Cicero and Albert Canigueral, I was once again asked to talk about horizontal organisations and how they are the upcoming future. Indeed, I truly believe that a […]

Il lavoro è l’amore reso visibile

Appena invitata a presentare un talk al TEDx Capo Peloro, che si sarebbe tenuto il 24 novembre 2018, ho iniziato a pensare a cosa poteva essere d’interesse per il pubblico e allo stesso tempo quale tema mi stava così a cuore da poterne parlare con vera passione. Amo la formula TED, la “condivisione di idee […]

Performing and Thriving in the new era of Ecosystems

The technological, economic and social changes of the last decades have led to such a level of global interconnection that the real potential is no longer in individuals or single organizations, but in the rich and complex network of relationships between them. This scenario opens up new fundamental questions for the survival and growth of […]